The Fur Love Comfort Cats Story

How it all began

My name is  Kate Côté

The Bible says that GOD can take all evil and use it for good for those who love him and are called to his purpose.  Sadly, as a child I was the victim of severe abuse.  I became a stutterer and had  a lot of anxiety going out in public.

Because of this,  and the love of a good feline friend, I have a life’s worth of experience doing comfort visits with my team of cats.  We’ve visited in nursing homes and on the streets of Worcester, where we reached out to the homeless for 5 years.
The comfort work began during my own childhood.  I was extremely shy and I had my own comfort cat to give me the confidence I needed to function.
While we have a lot of fun with what we do, we are so blessed to see miracles.  It’s amazing to see the joy that such a simple act can bring.

Today, while I no longer suffer with speech problems  or anxiety, my childhood tragedy has given me  the unique ability to raise traveling cats.  Notice, that I didn't say trained.  They aren't trained.  They are raised to become traveling cats if you will.  Because of my own experiences, I am able to instill confidence in the kitties so they aren't afraid in any circumstance.  I want them to enjoy what we do too!!!

I think you can see from our photos, that they do!!!  Peace and purrs!!

Families trust us because we're so cute and we work so hard.

New kittens on the block, Shirah and Samson.

Everybody loves our gentle kitties

Beausoleil and a favorite friend.