Meet the Fur Love Comfort Cats

Yael, the original traveling cat.

Yael began her life as a throwaway kitty.  She arrived covered in ticks, starved, with many, many behavioral issues. Today she is adored and pampered. She's always up for an adventure.  Yael  just recently visited the VA in Brockton, rocking her moth wings of course!!!

Busta our lovable Maine Coon

Busta is our gentle giant.  He's also into self petting.  If people stop petting him, he  uses his snout to guide their hand to the top of his head.  He knows his job.  Busta loves to walk on his leash.


Beau and I have a wonderful history together of loyalty and friendship.  Since he's FIV positive he's fund raised for many charities including PetChance, and Sweet Pea Animal Shelter.  While he does do comfort visits, he's also in charge of raising the new kittens and teaching them to be well behaved, comfort cats.


Kiki showed up at the door one day, and continued to meow for a week.  I finally figured out that he REALLY wanted to be a comfort cat.  And he's very popular.


One of our Fabulous Ferals.  ZoarRose and her sister, were trapped and came to Fur Love at three months of age.  She doesn't let her clipped ear stop her, from showing off her great beauty.


Mimy, as she is know to our friends, is the other half of the Fabulous Ferals.  And yes, she kept her costume on all day and even paraded around on her leash.  JemimahEllen also rocks her clipped ear to show our support of TNR.

Meet the Little Lions


Shirah and his brother, came to us in October of 2017.  They  were lovingly hand raised in a private home, to be Fur Love Comfort Cats.  In keeping with Bible names, his name means song, as in Song of Creation.  It's an apt name since he's quite a chatterer.


While neither of the kittens are frightened of anything, our Samson lives up to his namesake's reputation of being a mighty warrior.  Sammy's name means Child of the Sun.  Beau has a quite a pawful raising these two.

Ways you can help us do our job


First off hire us!!! We try to keep our fees affordable, since we know how important our service is.  We differ from other groups in the fact that we only do one on one visits.  Not group activities.  We want our clients to feel that they are special and that we care about them as individuals.  Please contact us for pricing.

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