About the Bracelets

How they're made

The images are actual photos, made and custom cropped from your photos.  They're printed on photo paper and then coated with a durable two part polyurethane finish.    They range in price from $30 to $250.   These are one of a kind, unique pieces and can have all kinds of photos, not just pets.

Single Row

The starter bracelet is to the left, with one image and would contain two rows  of plain charms.  It can be added to later. The above bracelet is 9 images from your photos, including the logo of our sister company The Cats Pajamas.  Since we're very picky about our work, it takes about a month for the process.

Theme Bracelet

Our theme bracelet is very popular.  We try to provide as many smaller charms that we can to support the central theme of the piece.  As you can see, my personal bracelet celebrates the work that the comfort cats do.  It contains 10 custom photos, plus the mini theme charms.

Double Row

If you like a bigger bracelet, then this piece is for you!!!  It's the same as the theme bracelet but it has more of your precious memories on it.  It has 15 large charms interspersed with the mini charms.

You send the photo, we create the design

 We reserve the right to crop and shape all the images. The charms can be hearts, squares or circles.  Due to the nature of photographs, sometimes the image will only work in a certain shape.  Before any piece is made we'll let you know if the photos you've provided aren't suitable. 

Contact Us

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.  If you wish to purchase a bracelet  out the following form and make you payment through Paypal.  Once your payment is received I will contact you about sending in your photos.  Our email is katlady109@hotmail.com.  Our phone numbr is 50 476 3041

Scrapbook Bracelets

Drop us a line!

From Your Own Photos

Once you choose your design, click the Paypal button.  You upload us your favorite photos, and we'll create a  purrfect    piece of jewelry, just for you.  We can also work from original  photos, which will be returned to you.  Just send us an email and we'll be glad to work with you.  If you already have an Italian Charm Bracelet, I can also use those to reconfigure an updated piece of jewelry.  The sales of the bracelets help to fund our comfort work.  And as always, we offer FREE SHIPPING!!

Fur Love Comfort Cats


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One Row Single Photo


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Single Row-9 Photos


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Theme Bracelet-10 Photos


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Double Row-15 Photos


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